Our staff can help you try on the different carriers and help you find the one that’s right for you.

For quick reference, our carrier instructional video page will show you the basic positions for each type of carrier.


Ring Slings





Ring slings offer a variety of positions in which to carry baby,  from 8lbs up to 35 lbs, depending on the style. They are a quick and convenient way to carry your child while still having your hands free.



       Maya Ring Sling







Moby BambooMoby ClassicOrganic Cuddly WrapChimparoo WovenChimparoo Woven


Wraps are versatile and extremely comfortable to wear. With no lower or upper weight limits, you are free to carry preemies and toddlers. They feature excellent weight distribution, can be adjusted for multiple wearers and have unbeatable closeness. The Cuddly Wrap and the Moby wraps are soft and pliable while the Chimparoo Woven Wrap has no stretch, providing firm support.



JJ Cole Agility Carrier

JJ Cole Agility Carrier

This carrier is similar to a wrap, but without the tying. It goes on over your head like a t-shirt, and features a very comfortable padded back piece. This carrier is sized to the adult wearer.