Maternity and nursing bras are quite often confused. A true maternity bra is soft, stretchy and will be able to accommodate a changing body, but does not concern itself with breast access. That is where nursing bras come in. Nursing bras generally have pull down clips or cross over panels to allow full access for feeding.

At Room for 2, we have the largest selection of nursing bras in the lower mainland. We feature a range of styles, many of which can perform the double duty of maternity and nursing. It is our goal to have a bra for every nursing mom, especially hard to fit sizes. We have more styles in store, so come in and let us find you the best fitting nursing bra you’ve ever had.

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Currently, we can fit 32 B – 38 K (that’s right, K) with a variety of styles, plus 34-36 K-M in two styles. In 40-42, our bras generally run to a G cup, though there are some built in bra nursing tanks which further extend our available sizes. We are constantly looking for new styles to help us extend our selection.

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Browse our most popular styles from these brands: