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The Bella Band

The maternity must-have! From early pregnancy right through to post-partum, the Bella Band and the Bando can help you stay comfortable in your clothing.

During the first trimester, these bands can help you wear your pre-pregnancy clothing by allowing you to wear your pants undone!

Transitioning into and out of maternity clothing can be challenging because quite often, they’re a bit too big when you first buy them, and they won’t stay up. Layering a maternity band on top can prevent you from worrying about your pants slipping down, both when you’re growing into them, and then back out of them once the baby arrives.

The Bella Band is available in black and white, as well as lace-trimmed black and white, and fits sizes 0 -24+.

The Bando is available in black, and fits sizes 4 -12.


Maternity Support Belts

Mom-Ez Maternity Support Belt


Maternity support can help reduce lower back pain, decrease pressure on the  bladder, improve pelvic circulation and reduce the strain on skin which can lead to stretch marks. We carry the Mom Ez, which features light boning along the back and provides high support.





Maternity Necessities



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