Baby Care Basics



NoseFrida: The Snotsucker


Weird and fabulous, the NoseFrida is the best nasal aspirator on the market.

The large end seals against baby’s nose, and the red end goes in your mouth! The NoseFrida allows for far more control and suction than a traditional bulb nasal aspirator, so it’s perfect for cold season and tough boogies. Saline drops to loosen the mucus will produce even better results. The NoseFrida comes with 4 disposable filters, which keeps it completely hygienic. Refill filters are also available, and highly recommended.

Bum Care

We stock cloth diaper safe creams, including local favourites Bum Bum Balm and Baby Bottom Better, as well as zinc based products.




Skincare + Bath Products

Local. Natural. Organic.  Come in to see our complete selection.


Original Sprout

Original Sprout

 Original Sprout is an amazing line of organic, vegan and totally luxurious hair and skin care products.

Every product in their line is free of parabens, nanoparticles, formaldehyde, petroleum oil, talc, propylene glycol, dioxanes, sulfates, gluten, soy and dairy.

There is a growing concern over the number of phytoestrogens and allergens in natural products, but Original Sprout only uses E.U. approved ingredients. This means that ingredients must be proven to be safe before they can be included, rather than F.D.A. standards which allow anything to be added, until proven harmful.

Made in the USA, Original Sprout is an extremely high quality product, and is not watered down, so you will find that a tiny bit goes a very long way.