Room for 2 rewards our returning customers with 3% back in store credit on almost all purchases. Breast pump rental daily fees, gift certificates and shipping are the only exclusions.


How Does It Work?

Sign up for a Frequent Shopper Account in just seconds at the till. We need your name and phone number, and that’s it! Your phone number acts as your account number, instead of carrying a card.

You get one point for every dollar you spend, before tax. Once you have 500 points in the bank, you can redeem those points for $15 off your purchase.

That works out to 3% back on your purchases! You receive that $15 credit each and every time you reach 500 points. Also, the points never expire!

The Frequent Shopper Account also keeps track of your purchases, which can help you get full value for returns if you lose your receipt. We can also reprint a receipt for you, for things like claiming breastpumps on your health insurance, or providing a proof of purchase for warrantied products.

We promise that we will never sell your information or use it for telemarketing. We MIGHT use your phone number if you’ve left something in our store. That’s about as sinister as we get.