Rockin Green


Rockin green

The leader in non-residue detergent, we carry Rockin Green in Classic Rock, in an assortment of scents. We also feature Funk Rock, the ammonia bouncer, and Shake It Up, a natural diaper pail freshner.


Wet Bags

Essential for cloth diaper parents, wet bags have a waterproof lining, allowing clean storage of used diapers while on the go or at home. They also make great pool and beach bags, as they’ll keep anything wet safely contained. All of the wet bags we carry can be machine washed and dried.


From humble beginnings at craft fairs and by word of mouth, Colibri bags can now be found in stores all across Canada. Room for 2 has the honour of being the very first store to have featured their products. Their patterns are constantly updated and often feature limited editions.


Colibri Regular Wet BagColibri Regular Wet Bag

Colibri Regular Wet Bag 12″ x 15″

 Fits 4-6 Cloth Diapers

Colibri Double Duty Wet BagColibri Double Duty Wet BagColibri Double Duty Wet Bag

Colibri Double Duty Wet Bag 12″ x 15″

 4-6 Cloth Diapers PLUS a dry pocket in the front

Colibri XL Wet BagColibri XL Wet BagColibri XL Wet BagColibri XL Wet Bag

Colibri XL Regular Wet Bag 18″ x 24″

 Fits 8-12 Cloth Diapers


Go Bags

Consider these your secret wet bags. Stylish enough to carry on their own, these babies have a larger wet bag pocket in the back and a zippered dry pocket in the front. The Go Everywhere Tote is fantastic for diapers, the pool or the beach, while the Grab + Go clutch is perfect for cosmetics, sunscreens, diaper creams or anything you’re worried about leaking.

Go Everywhere ToteGrab + Go Clutch



One of the biggest cloth diapering companies in Canada, they provide some of the best accessories out there.


Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag

Small : 10″ x 12″      Medium: 14″ x 15″      Large: 24″ x 24″

Diaper Liners



Diaper liners allow parents to customize their cloth diapers according to baby’s needs. Whether it’s a booster for overnights, or a disposable to help lift away solids, these liners can be used in any cloth diapering system.

Looking for cloth diaper safe bum creams? Head over to Health + Skincare.