Cloth diapering is back, in a big way, but these are not your grandmother’s nappies.

 Over the course of one child, you can save upwards of $2000 over disposable diapers, not to mention preventing 1 – 2 TONS of garbage from ending up in a landfill. Our fabulous Canadian brands, AMP Diapers, Nuggles and Bummis can help you get started.

How does it work?


AMP One Size Duo Pocket Diaper


Amp Inserts











AMP’s One Size Duo pocket diaper cover features a snap down rise to fit 7- 35lbs. Their one size inserts feature amazing materials like ultra-soft bamboo and super thirsty hemp. Their 3-layer hemp insert is designed as an overnight insert and is so absorbent, it may be too much diaper for the daytime!  Microfiber is highly absorbent,  but should always be placed inside the pocket of the cover, not against baby’s skin.



For even more information, please check out the Bummis resources page. It’s a great source of information for all cloth diapering parents.

Organic Cotton Prefolds

Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds

Available in packs of 6 :        Preemie 4-9 lbs       Infant 7-20 lbs        Baby 15-40lbs


Diaper Covers

They’re all waterproof. They all come in a variety of sizes. So what’s the difference?

Nuggles Tuck Wrap & Go

This double-layered cover is one tough cookie. With a leak catching gusset and nifty folds in the front and back to keep your insert in place, this 2-size system has thought of everything. Assorted and seasonal prints.

Super Brite

1 layer of polyester with a 2 mil PUL laminate exposed for a wipe-clean interior. This cover has an extra leg gusset to help contain leaks and fit skinny legs! 4 prints, plus white, available in Newborn ONLY.

Super Whisper

2 mil PUL laminate sandwiched between two layers of polyester for added durability. A generous cut is perfect for chubby babies or fitted diapers (as opposed to prefolds). 8 prints, plus white.

Pull On

1 layer of polyester with a 1 mil PUL laminate exposed for a wipe-clean interior, designed to go over fitted diapers or prefolds attached with a Snappi. 3 bright colours plus white.

Duo Brite

The evolution of the Super Brite, this cover has 1 layer of polyester with a 2 mil PUL laminate exposed for a wipe-clean interior. This cover comes in 2 sizes, 8-20 lbs and 20-35 lbs, in four colours. It features leg gussets to help contain leaks, a snap down rise for a perfect fit, and snap closures.



See our cloth diapering accessories for everything else you need.

Having stinky or leak issues? Try our troubleshooting post.