Cloth Diaper Troubleshooting

So you have The Stench. Maybe your diapers are leaking all of a sudden. This happens.     Step 1: Figure out if you have a residue problem or not. You can differentiate between a detergent/diaper cream residue and an organic residue by putting a bit of water on a stinky/leaky but clean diaper. Does the water bead or absorb […]

Safe Sunscreens Explained

The sun is back. There’s no hiding anymore (hooray!). That means, of course, it’s time to navigate the confusing world of baby-safe sunscreens. Firstly, let’s use some common sense. Exposing baby’s delicate skin to the sun without any protection is a bad idea.  You can check the UV index here, and if it’s over 3, it’s time to take sun […]