Breast Care


Nipple Creams

LansinohMatter SubstanceGaiaMedela Tender CareBug & Pickle

We stock a variety of nipple creams, including pure lanolin as well as organic, vegan options. Each one is effective and edible.


Nursing Pads


Nursing pads help protect your bras and extend wear between washes.


Nursing Covers

Bebe Au laitAu-Fait-Mama-Foster-Nursing-Scarf_14561ACarseat Canopy 2


 Nursing covers can make the feeding experience more comfortable for those looking for extra privacy and discretion. The ridgid styles double as excellent stroller covers, and the Au Fait Mama Foster Breastfeeding scarf is a gorgeous infinity scarf in its own right. The Carseat Canopy (right) is a nursing cover, a carseat cover, a shopping cart cover or an infinity scarf.


Nursing Pillows


The right nursing pillow can make all the difference to your feeding experience. My Brest Friend has long been the choice of lactation consultants as its firm surface and tilted cushion help keep baby in the right position.



Breastfeeding Help

Nipple Shields

Medela Contact Nipple Shield

We carry the Medela Contact Nipple shields in sizes 16mm, 20mm and 24mm (sizing help). Nipple shields are a temporary aid to breastfeeding which can aid with:

  • Difficulty latching, especially in small babies, where the shield allows for an easier latch as it does not require the baby to keep the nipple in their mouth with suction. It also allows milk to pool inside the end, encouraging the baby with readily available milk.
  • Flat or inverted nipples by providing a protrusion that will fit into the back of the baby’s mouth, stimulating the feeding reflex.
  • Babies who have become used to bottles and are refusing the breast, by mimicking the feel of a bottle .
  • Sore, cracked nipples, as the shield provides a barrier between the mouth and nipple.

Specialty Feeding


Medela SNS

Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)

Originally designed to help adoptive mothers induce lactation, the SNS allows a nursing  baby to be fed on the breast, even if milk production is low. The small tube is taped to the breast so that it sits in the baby’s mouth while being breastfed. This provides extra milk while also helping to stimulate full milk production in mom.


Medela Specialty Feeding

Medela Special Needs Feeder (left)

Designed for babies with cleft lip and palate and babies with neurological disorders, this feeder allows your baby to be fed breastmilk with even the gentlest of suckling. By squeezing the teat you can support the flow of breastmilk, so that it’s easier for your baby to drink.

Medela Soft Feeder (right)

For short-term feeding of weak or preterm babies, the soft, spoon-shaped mouthpiece sits gently on your baby’s lower lip. This means that your baby is spilling less breastmilk and you have more control over the amount your baby is taking.


Milk Storage


An efficient milk storage system can make maintaining a ready milk supply a lot easier on everyone. We can help you decide which is best for your lifestyle.

* Tip: If you’re using bags, mark the volume level with a felt pen, then lie them flat to freeze. This way you’ll still know how much milk is in the bag, but you’ll have a nice flat rectangle to store.


Milkies Milksavers

Milkies Milk Saver


The Milkies Milksaver is a one-of-a-kind product, designed to allow the collection of milk during let down.

It’s worn inside a bra while feeding, on the free breast. It’s very common for the breast that is not being fed on to produce milk during a feed and Milkies Milksaver lets you save every drop! It’s soft and pliable so it’s comfortable to wear and easily curves to pour any collected milk into a bottle for storage.