Swaddle Blankets

Correct swaddling can be beneficial, especially in preemie babies. Swaddle blankets are lightweight to prevent overheating, shaped especially for swaddling, and some are stretchy enough to allow a full range of motion for baby. Be sure to put baby to sleep on their back when swaddled.

Swaddle Me Swaddle Pod - easy, stretchy and starts at 5 lbs.Aden + Anais BambooAden + Anais ClassicSwaddle Me OriginalHalo Sleep SackErgo CocoonLittle Unicorn Swaddle



Sleep Sacks

Loose bedding can end up over baby’s face, hence sleep sacks, the wearable blankets. Proper fit ensures that sleep stacks will stay in place even with an active sleeper. A variety of fabrics and thicknesses allow you to choose a wearable blanket that suits your room temperature.

Kyte Baby Bamboo 2.5 TogGro-Bag 1.0 Tog and 2.5 TogPerlimpinpin BambooPerlimpinpin Cotton Muslin Sleep SackPerlimpinpin PlushPerlimpinpin Cotton Muslin Nap BagMerino Wool SleepsacksJuddlies Dream Sleep SackWee Urban All Season Sleep Sack

All of our sleep sacks come in a variety of colours and patterns.


Lolli Living Crib SheetsKushies BeddingKushies Bassinet Fitted SheetKushies Organic Fitted Crib SheetKushies Change Pad Fitted SheetBreathable Baby Mesh Crib LinerPeapod Mats - Waterproof bed topperPerlimpinpin Blanket

All of the above sheets come in an assortment of colours.


Sleep Aids + Mobiles

Sound machines can help provide a consistent sound environment for babies, as well as block out household noise.

Music, white noise and light, all in oneBoon Glo Nightlight3 Sprouts Felt Peacock MobileTakealong Night lightFirst Year's Travel Sound MachineTwilight Turtle and LadybugLolli Living Nightlight



From the creators of the Gro-Bag, this sleep training clock is ideal for toddlers who like to get up early.

The clock has 3 phases; blue for night, red for transitioning and yellow for daytime. With a little bit of training, your toddler will learn that it’s not time to get up until the sunny face is showing.

Disappearing stars give your toddler a sense of time progression.





A beautiful blanket is an ideal gift and keepsake. Some of our favourites:

Perlimpinpin Bamboo QuiltedPerlimpinpin VelourAden + Anais Bamboo DreamDavid FusseneggerDavid FusseneggerAden and Anais Bamboo SwaddleLazyOne Critter Blanket

Many of these blankets come in a variety of patterns and colours.