Cloth Diaper Troubleshooting

So you have The Stench. Maybe your diapers are leaking all of a sudden. This happens.     Step 1: Figure out if you have a residue problem or not. You can differentiate between a detergent/diaper cream residue and an organic residue by putting a bit of water on a stinky/leaky but clean diaper. Does the water bead or absorb […]

Family Summer Fun in Vancouver

Summer is a fantastic time to live in Vancouver. Between the beaches, the parks and the mountains, there’s always something great to do outside. Unless your kids are bored. To stave off the inevitable “I’m boooooooooored”, here are a few family friendly activities around the city. We all know about Movies in the Park, Celebration of Light and Pride, but […]

Little Green Pouch Recipes

If there’s one thing that babies and toddlers love, it’s those little squeezy food pouches. While introducing solids for the first time requires some patience and careful planning, once babies are past 1 year, you’re pretty much in the clear. Of course, families with a history of food allergies should be more careful. For a more in depth guide to […]

The Ergobaby 360 carrier has arrived. We couldn’t be more excited about this new addition to our selection of carriers. At Room for 2, we have long been avid Ergo supporters, having dabbled with most other carriers on the market. So far, nothing has really stood up to the Ergo in terms of durability, comfort and ergonomic support for baby. […]

Safe Sunscreens Explained

The sun is back. There’s no hiding anymore (hooray!). That means, of course, it’s time to navigate the confusing world of baby-safe sunscreens. Firstly, let’s use some common sense. Exposing baby’s delicate skin to the sun without any protection is a bad idea.  You can check the UV index here, and if it’s over 3, it’s time to take sun […]

So, you want to start a blog…

From food trends to medical trends, the world of parenting changes every day. At Room for 2, we spend most of our days chatting with new parents (and their babies, although they have less to say), so, in a way, we have our ears to the ground. It seems like every day there’s something new to worry about or new […]